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Cryogenic booster pump

The PRS International Cryogenic booster pumps are designed for pumping Nitrogen and LNG in the liquid phase.

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Inside the frame, the submerged ACD TC-34 pump is mounted in vacuum insulated sump incl. all piping and instruments according to General Arrangement drawing CN2080055-03 and P&ID CN2080055-01. All components are EX-rated, for operation in EX-zone the control panel should be placed in safe zone.


System to run fully manually, pump capacity can be controlled by means of frequency converter. Valves and safeties from Herose, flow meter from Sponsler.


For LNG service, the valves and safeties are executed in “fire safe” design, safeties are collected and routed to one central point (to be routed to safe area by customer), piping with earthing to skid.